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– The statewide Republican convention is in Rochester today. The main focus will be on picking a challenger to Kirsten Gillibrand.

A Democratic activist expressed frustration his party has not held a convention in Rochester in decades. The reason? None of the hotels here are unionized, although the convention center itself is union. NYSUT once pulled out of holding a convention here because of the Crown Plaza union fight.

I understand the desire to support union workers, but does boycotting downtown Rochester also hurt non-union workers and the local economy at large? Has the boycott accomplished anything?

– The Senecas are gearing up for a fight over the state’s possible casino expansion. The tribe has an exclusivity agreement for the area west of Route 14. That includes the Finger Lakes and Batavia Downs tracks and the Rochester region:

The tribe’s president, Robert Odawi Porter, said in a statement that the tribe expects “the state will do the right thing and honor the 2002 compact. As a matter of existing state law, we have 13 years remaining on the guarantee of our zone of gaming exclusivity.”

Mayor Tom Richards said on WHAM 1180 he does not want a casino in downtown Rochester. “It would change the character” of downtown, he said. What does he want downtown in terms of nightlife and entertainment? Richards has been lukewarm at best to a performing arts center. His strategy seems to be adding housing and offices to build a critical mass that will attract services.

Meanwhile, Tom Wilmot, who once proposed a casino at Midtown, is likely hoping he gets a license for his proposed racetrack in Cicero, N.Y. if the expansion goes through.

РGovernor Andrew Cuomo, who pledged to be transparent, defended the dead-of-the-night deals on major legislation, including pension reform, casinos and redistricting. The Buffalo News editorial board takes him to task:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo had repeatedly pledged to veto any redistricting plan that was based on the electoral needs of politicians. He made the promise during his 2010 campaign and then repeated it over and over and over again. There was no chance he would back down.

Until this week, when he agreed to a transparently political plan that is a gift to Senate Republicans, a betrayal of his repeated promises and a waste of a golden moment. That is to say, he caved. Lawmakers passed the bill and Cuomo signed it on Thursday.


It was power politics, pure and simple, and Cuomo went along with it.

– Linsanity has left the building.

– Male fruit flies, denied sex, turn to booze.

5 Responses to Dems Won’t Come Here

  1. March 16, 2012 at 9:38 am tony mittiga responds:

    Of course the boycott of Rochester has done nothing, except demonstrate, to this enrolled Democrat, how weak the party can be against powerful groups among its supporters. Unions are the NRA of the Democrats.

  2. March 16, 2012 at 12:47 pm Mark Powers responds:

    Tony Mittiga is sadly mistaken. I would suggest he join the Tea Party…I mean the John Birch Society…I mean the Republican party since it appears he does not support the backbone of the Dems. I also suggest he find out why the hotels here are not unionized.

  3. March 16, 2012 at 5:36 pm exJebbie responds:

    It always amazes me that people who are not in a union or have ever been in one can form so many absolute opinions about them. Unions are the only kind of organization that can mitigate the grinding power of corporations intent on profit at any cost. Unions brought America the 40 hour work week, minimum wage, health care benefits, and about a hundred other things that are common in the workplace today but only came about because of the courage and BLOODSHED of union workers. Before you comment on the value of unions you should educate yourself on their history and benefits.
    BTW, the NYC Hotel workers union and the Hotels just signed a new contract. It is considered a model for union/management cooperation. It was settled without a strike or prolonged negotiations because both parties respect the circumstances of the other. The owners recognize the need for healthy, prosperous workers (a middle class) and the union appreciates the need for continuity to serve the tourist industry.
    Rochester hotels should follow suit.

  4. Not sure I’d lay the responsibility on the Dems here. I’m glad they’re sticking to their guns on this. Rochester was spoiled for years by Eastman than Wegman. It is rare for employers to be that generous without some pressure from organized labor (and usually not even then.) It never ceases to amaze me how so many “capitalists” that demonize the labor movement as being anti-business fail to realize that nothing can be more capitalist than workers selling their efforts for a price they think is fair.

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