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– The homeless are moving into foreclosed homes in Chicago. Banks or individuals who own the properties often don’t notice for quite some time. Once the residents have established themselves, the owners have to go to court to get them evicted. The Chicago Tribune reports:

The Occupy Wall Street movement turned its attention to the housing crisis last fall, and groups around the country have worked to keep people in their homes, place the needy in properties that are seemingly abandoned and rid neighborhoods of blight. The size of the movement isn’t clear because most go unpublicized.

Mortgage servicers, reeling with hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes, aren’t necessarily giving in. But they have to tread carefully in their dealings with consumers and activists, lest they risk more national media attention and another black eye resulting from news accounts of bankers putting families out on the street, regardless of whether they have a legal right to the home.

In Rochester, homeless people have been squatting in foreclosed since late 2010. Their “landlord” is Take Back the Land Rochester, a precursor to the Occupy Rochester movement. Since 13WHAM News first reported on the squatters in December 2010, the group has moved 30 to 35 people into foreclosed homes. “Tenants” were only evicted once by the property owners.

In one case, the group moved a woman back into her own foreclosed home. A judge later found some indication Catherine Lennon could be the victim of robo-signing and she remains in her house today.

Right now, the group doesn’t have anyone living in foreclosed homes. But that could change. While Occupy Rochester has been grabbing headlines for its park encampment, another “occupy” has been going on for months under the radar.

– Vice President Joe Biden attended a funeral in Syracuse for a law school buddy. The story of their long friendship is touching.

– Xerox has a gigantic contract to manage data for the state of Texas. 

– A lot of people called it the “mugshot of the year.” But it’s hard to laugh when the woman accused of threatening the president may have mental illness.

– Women read dirty novels on their e-readers because no one can see the cover.

2 Responses to The Occupy You Don’t Hear About

  1. March 14, 2012 at 11:10 am ben C. responds:

    Actually, providing shelter for the homeless in forclosed properties is a lot more efficient than a bureacracy trying to re-cycle them in another way.

    Now, if one were to get a grant to the city to pay in-lieu of taxes, meals and utilities, we’d have a program here.

    And, the homeless wouldn’t have to listen to a sermon once or twice a day to get a meal and some sleep. Could even pay them a stipend for guarding the plumbing and aluminum siding.

  2. …and to think all these years I’ve been working diligently to pay my own way.

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