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City of Rochester

Links of the Day:

– Rochester is much more optimistic than our Upstate counterparts, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Fifty-three percent of us are optimistic about where our community is headed.

Binghamton landed in the bottom 10 metro areas on the optimism scale, with only 28 percent of residents feeling good about things. Syracuse and Utica also landed in the bottom 10. Buffalo ranked in the bottom of large metro areas.

Other facts about Rochester’s well-being, which is slightly higher than the national average:

  • 25% of us are obese
  • 53% of us frequently exercise
  • 10% of us have diabetes
  • 58% of us eat produce regularly

– Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize sports teams because there is no economic benefit, according to a report in Freakonomics:

Do sports generate jobs and economic growth?

This is a question that has been addressed numerous times by economists.  And these studies – summarized by economists Rob Baade and Victor Matheson — tend to reveal two answers.  When the study is completed by paid consultants prior to the public money being spent, the benefits from sports are numerous are large. However, when independent researchers – who are not paid by professional sports teams or leagues – look for these benefits after the fact, evidence of more jobs and economic growth are hard to find.


…the empirical evidence suggests quite strongly that sports do not create many jobs or generate much economic growth.  And such evidence has proven to be quite persuasive.  In fact, a survey of economists by Gregory Mankiw noted that 85% of economists agree that local and state governments should not subsidize professional sports. Mankiw also notes that only five issues have more agreement among economists.

– Everyone loves a good dog story. This one is about a paralyzed puppy abandoned in Rochester.

– Look at cool pictures of lions.

– Red meat will kill you.


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