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– For months, we’ve been debating where Monroe Community College should locate its downtown campus. Meanwhile, another local college has built one right under our noses.

SUNY Brockport spent $33 million to convert a former office building for Xerox and Global Crossing into a state-of-the-art adult training center. The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center will be right next to ESL, behind Frontier and across the street from The Strong.

The new REOC facility is markedly improved from the current 1960s-era one on Andrews St., which is more like a rundown elementary school than a post-secondary educational facility.

Like MCC, Brockport has been working for some time on a new space. But unlike MCC, Brockport has made the process look comparatively easy. And unlike MCC, there’s been no talk of the safety of downtown. There’s been no calling downtown “medieval.” Brockport emphasizes on its website for the MetroCenter that downtown is safe.

– The New York Times went deep into the story of the LeRoy girls. Its findings bolster conversion disorder. Two passages were particularly striking:

Most cases resolve quickly. Authorities say something reassuring about the environment, the symptoms fade and everyone moves on. “Things only go wrong,” (epidemiologist Simon) Wessely wrote in 1995, “when the nature of an outbreak is not recognized, and a fruitless and expensive search for toxins, fumes and gases begins. Anxiety, far from being reduced, increases. It is only then that long-term psychological problems may develop.”


In her book “Hystories,” the feminist critic Elaine Showalter argues that hysterical epidemics require three ingredients: physician-enthusiasts and theorists; unhappy and vulnerable patients; and supportive cultural environments. The physician-enthusiast generally offers “a unified field theory of a vague syndrome, providing a clear and coherent explanation for its many confusing symptoms,” she writes.

– University of Rochester President Joel Seligman chastised a professor for agreeing with Rush Limbaugh’s ridiculing of college student Sandra Fluke.

– The new iPad is called…the new iPad.

3 Responses to The Other Campus

  1. March 7, 2012 at 6:31 pm RaChaCha responds:

    Great news about Brockport’s new center. I did some consulting work for Xerox in that building, before our team moved across the street to the tower — shortly before we were “offshored” :-/

    Pardon me if I missed this, but what will become of the Andrews Street location? I’ve heard for years about interest in developing new housing — essentially a new neighborhood — in that part of DT.

  2. March 7, 2012 at 8:39 pm Jose Zayas responds:

    Downtown is not Safe! The Mayor is out of touch with the needs of the community and it’s residents…Rochester’s quality of life is determined by the politics of self interest groups and liberal politics that benefit the democratic elite in our city….Police Commissioner Sheppard would be a better Mayor for the city and mayoral control of our School district would be best for our children……

  3. Downtown is safe. The statistics say so and the demand for housing say too. Also I am there on a regular basis and have never been the victim of a crime or witnessed a crime. At least of the street crime variety. I’m usually there to visit Broad Street and the incompetence, political games, and waste I witness there at the very least border on the criminal. I would suggest that it is you who is out of touch with the city and is residents.

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