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Links of the Day:

– Rochester is getting a Music Hall of Fame. This is exciting news, considering we are the home to Eastman School of Music, Renee Fleming, Cab Calloway, William Warfield, Lou Gramm, Mitch Miller and Chuck Mangione. The list goes on and on.

I love that the organization is including places, as well as people. Sure there’s Eastman Theatre, but what about House of Guitars or Water Street Music Hall?

A “hall” hasn’t been found yet for the group, but this should be a fun and worthwhile thing to follow in the future.

– The community is buzzing about a Rochester City School District student who claims she was retaliated against after writing an essay criticizing the educational system.

The district is not commenting on the allegations, which include harassing phone calls home made by teachers. The district cites privacy laws. It’s too bad we can’t get the other side to this story, as the accusations are inflammatory and very disturbing.

– A monster weed is threatening the Finger Lakes. This is upsetting.

– My Facebook page looks a lot different. Facebook has rolled out timeline for brand pages. I’m not too happy, but need to spend some time playing with the features.

– Are you getting paid today? Salaried employees are working for free today.

2 Responses to Rochester’s Music Hall of Fame

  1. That young lady is right on the money. The adults should be put on notice.

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