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The end is near for the Hojack Swing Bridge.

CSX sent a letter to preservationists and museums asking if they want any parts. The railroad company was unable to get any takers for the whole bridge. CSX is offering gears and plaques to groups that would display the artifacts publicly.

CSX has said it wants the bridge down next month, but that timeline doesn’t seem realistic. at this late date.ย The Hojack Swing Bridge, out of use for many years, has been part of the port scenery for more than a century. The Coast Guard has long wanted the structure removed, calling it a navigation hazard.

The Landmark Society is not happy:

Perhaps surprisingly to some, it is not merely the possibility of removal that is most disturbing, but it is the fact that no creative options have ever been fully discussed or considered to see this bridge in an innovative way. There have been no formal negotiations to consider the possibilities of how this resource could be reinvented or reconceived in a new use, instead of remaining what some consider a rusting eyesore. Knee-jerk conclusions have been drawn before any true thought has been given to options.

Hojack Plaque

This has not been a good time for preservationists in Rochester. They are close to losing the Cataract Building and the High Falls smokestack. They’ve already lost Midtown Plaza, though I don’t remember a huge fuss from history buffs about that building.

Government officials suggest photographs are an acceptable way to preserve the Hojack Swing Bridge and other doomed structures. Anyone who’s felt the frustration of looking at images of our city’s bygone eras begs to differ.

Photographer Richard Margolis just published a book about the Hojack Swing Bridge. His beautiful pictures – and the artifacts up for grabs – may be all that’s left.

Read the CSX offering of Hojack artifacts:

8 Responses to Anyone Want a Piece of the Hojack?

  1. An old bridge, an old building… OK… But why the smoke stack? I love seeing that, I love the adorableness,allure,allurement, artistry,attraction,bloom,charm, class,comeliness,delicacy, elegance,exquisiteness,fairness, fascination,glamor,good looks, grace,handsomeness,loveliness, polish,pulchritude,refinement, shapeliness,style,symmetry, winsomeness

  2. March 1, 2012 at 1:26 am Brian responds:

    It will be costly to remove and yet discarding it takes away a piece of history. What about leaving it and lighting it? Imagine this industrial-architectural piece with white lights. It could be beautiful especially reflected against the water at night.

  3. Seriously? Now the old bridge? Is it really doing harm just sitting there? Is it in danger of falling on anyone? (I doubt it). And the Coast Guard ALWAYS says things are a navigational hazard. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    People! Why are we dismantling our city’s history?

  4. I LOVE that bridge. It makes the port, which they are planning on taking away from the general public anyway. Sure, there will be a percentage of land us regular folk can set foot upon, but they’ll see to it there’s no parking, unless you live in one of the $250,000 condos.

  5. Wow. Again with the parking??? Have you seen the recent report on RochesterSubway.com about how much parking we have in the city? News flash folks – to develop and revitalize, we WILL have to give up a few parking spots. It’s a good trade though. Tourists don’t come to see empty parking lots full of broken glass. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I love Brian’s idea of some cool lighting to highlight this architectural gem. I dig it.

    Any idea if anyone is taking the lead to try to save it?

  7. This freakin city with all it’s dumb ass decisions.like the Ferry– shoulda been called “The fastest ferry that sailed outta business without leaving the port…….Tear down Midtown Mall -the first mall in the u.s. and leave it in piece
    s… now want to remove the Hojack Swing Bridge —a landmark of rochester …just take it down for no good damn reason…. Yea i want a piece of the hojack… the whole damn thing left alone… n clean up around the river and let us enjoy all of Charlotte…..all the way to the city and beyond….Jack Ass’

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