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Links of the Day:

– The 13WHAM-TV break room now looks like a mini-mart.

The ancient vending machines with hard sandwiches and Ramen noodle bowls are gone.

There are now baskets of fresh fruit, a fridge stocked with yogurt, salads, and meals and a huge variety of snacks. There’s a freezer stocked with ice cream treats. There’s also one of those fancy one-cup coffee machines.

I can have mushroom risotto or chicken french for lunch today!

The “store” uses a self-checkout system. I scan my items and pay with a keycard loaded with money. An overhead camera ensures I can’t steal anything without getting caught.

These self-vending systems are taking off all over the country. They’re billed as a way to offer fresh, healthy food and variety. Our system is run by a company called Avanti. The reps told me the food is made in local kitchens. They come every other day to change the products. They evaluate what’s selling and what’s not. We can give feedback and make suggestions.

I think this is brilliant. The 13WHAM caravan to Wegmans every lunch hour may slow a bit.

– Hollywood hates the little people. A New York Post columnist slammed Billy Crystal’s bashing of Kodak.

– AIDS may not have left a small sliver of Africa if Europeans weren’t on a mad dash to colonize the country a century ago.

– Rochester’s Julia Nunes has a new album.

2 Responses to Our New “Vending” Machines

  1. Enjoy!

  2. March 1, 2012 at 2:07 pm Jodie Guerinot responds:

    That’s what we need at work!!!

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