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Links of the Day:

– Rochester is getting a Fringe Festival. I had never heard of such a thing, but it sounds really cool. The weekend festival in September in the East End is devoted to theater of all kinds –  formal plays, street skits, comedy troupes and dance. People can even submit their own shows!

Many of the events will be free in outside venues. The festival expects 15,000 visitors the first year. It seems like a festival families would enjoy.

Festivals have the potential to be economic engines, as we have seen with the jazz festival.

We love our festivals and this one will fit right in!

– She’s accused of sexually harassing her principal, coworkers and students. But despite strong evidence of deeply disturbing conduct, the Rochester City School District hasn’t been able to fire teacher Valerie Yarn, thanks to an arbitrator’s ruling.

Every now and then, cases of egregious conduct by teachers and the expensive fight to remove them come to light. People hold up them up as examples of the perverted power of teachers unions. There’s no question the Yarn case shows the need for reform. But these cases are rare; the D&C points out the district has only tried to fire several teachers. These cases are also not an excuse to eliminate due process.

Arbitration – as anyone who has been through one knows – takes forever. There’s little oversight and the process can be abused by both sides.

– Adjunct professors are key players in many colleges and universities, but they don’t make a lot of money.

– NFL blackouts are not fair to taxpayers, who will be asked to fund massive improvements to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

– Maureen Dowd refers to the GOP race as the “Hester Prynne” primaries. She quotes a Republican strategist who laments the party’s attack on sex. “Sex is popular.”

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