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Another Greek yogurt plant is coming to Upstate New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a deal with a German dairy company to build a $206 million plant in Batavia. The New York Times reports:

New York already is home to 29 yogurt plants, which altogether employ more than 2,000 people, according to the governor’s office. The plants produced 530 million pounds of yogurt last year, a 43 percent increase over the year before.

Other New York Greek yogurt plants include Chobani, Fage and Alpina. The boom has been a godsend for dairy farmers, as Greek yogurt needs three times more milk than traditional yogurt.

The yogurt craze has also benefited farmers who grow crops for cows and milk-processing plants. In Syracuse, a company that makes stainless steel tanks is also seeing a giant bump in business thanks to yogurt.

The Rochester area’s agribusiness has grown to a point some wonder if we should now be called the Flour City instead of the Flower City.

2 Responses to Yay Yogurt!

  1. Anyone think that Greece (the country, not the suburb) might need a Greek yogurt plant more than we do? Just a thought.

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