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– People got excited when news leaked this week that Google plans to sell glasses by year’s end. The Google Glasses would be mini-computers using cues in the environment to provide maps, facts, weather and other information.

Don’t recognize the person who just said hello? The glasses would have facial recognition software to remind you.

Google, however, is not a pioneer in this arena. Rochester has a company called Vuzix that’s been making consumer video and “augmented reality” eyewear for some time. A press release this month detailed new cloud-enabled glasses:

Applications, for example, can use face recognition to connect Twitter or Facebook users instantly with their Twitter name under the users face while using the glasses as a very natural human interface. NEC BIGLOBE expects applications ranging from sports to hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and fishing. Being connected to the cloud can enhance these activities, for example, by helping the user identify fish and fishing techniques right on the river, to showing the user where his friends might be on the ski hill just by looking at icons that are geospatially correct inside the users view through the glasses.

It’s exciting Rochester has a company rivaling Google, at least when it comes to glasses!

– Wegmans is overhauling its store brand products to make them healthier. Mary Ellen Burris blogs about reducing sodium, adding whole grains and making some things gluten-free. I hadn’t realize the old Brooks Ave. store is now a test kitchen.

– The University of Rochester ousted a troubled frat from a campus quad. The move allegedly has nothing to do with a fatal stabbing.

– Buffalo is losing senior citizens. The senior population declined 3 percent between 2000 and 2010. The Urban Land Institute speculates they moved away. Rochester, however, is seeing a spike in its senior population.

– A snowy owl was spotted up in Charlotte.

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