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– Erie and Onondaga counties have been jumping for joy over sales tax receipts. They credit Canadians and higher gas prices, prompting me to ask if Monroe County is missing out. But year-end tax data shows Monroe County had a bigger bump in sales tax revenue from 2010 to 2011 than they did!

  • Monroe up 5.1%
  • Erie up 4.7%
  • Onondaga up 4.1%
  • Ontario up 3.4%

I’m not sure we can similarly credit Canadians for the increase in Monroe County,  given the geography and loss of the ferry. Do you see more Canadian shoppers and tourists around? Ontario County, home of Eastview Mall, didn’t enjoy a big increase. Higher prices, lower unemployment and a better economy probably have more to do with our revenue bump.

The statistics make wonder if Erie and Onondaga counties are giving Canadians too much credit.

Did you find yourself spending more money last year?

– Rabbit ears are making a comeback. People are rediscovering the antenna in the digital age, according to the Wall Street Journal. The picture comes in beautifully. Best of all, the broadcast stations are free. This is great for TV news. It could also further cord-cutting.

– We’ve discussed how Wegmans is looking into an urban prototype store. Many Rochesterians wonder what it will take for a grocery store to return downtown. Apparently, people in Buffalo wonder the same thing.

– Buffalo bars are giving away a boob job for Mardis Gras.

One Response to Crediting Canada?

  1. The Libertarian in me loves the Buffalo contest. The intellectual in me just #facepalms.

    You know how it works though. This isn’t the first time (this afternoon) that boobs have been leveraged in marketing.

    As for the sales tax increase, I wonder if increased collection of online sales tax has impacted that tremendously.

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