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Mr. Dominic’s on the Lake is closed for remodeling, or so says the voicemail. Anyone who’s been to the place knows decorating isn’t exactly the restaurant’s forte.

It turns out, Mr. Dominic’s continues to struggle with financial problems. It emerged from bankruptcy last year over the objections of New York State and the bankruptcy trustee. A bank moved to foreclose on the property last month. The restaurant has blamed a lot of its trouble on aggressive state tax enforcement. 

Neighbors and regulars say a family member is expected to reopen the restaurant, but it’s not clear when or if that will happen.

Telling my dad Mr. Dominic’s isn’t open was like telling him a friend died. My family has enjoyed the restaurant since I was a child. There was the time my brother and I were kids and my mom loudly declared her fettucine alfredo was “orgasmic.” After getting dirty looks from other tables, she said she’d only had two Old Fashions, her limit ever since.

Mr. Dominic’s is a Rochester institution, servings its legions of fans for at least three decades. We’re used to waiting for a table in the packed little room. It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer.

– The mayor of Tully, N.Y. has been deployed to Afghanistan. She says the people there want the same things as the residents of her town.

– There’s controversy over a complicated school speed limit sign. It’s not hard to see why.

– When Kodak emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it will have more of an Asian focus.

3 Responses to Like an Old Friend

  1. February 20, 2012 at 12:42 pm Sean A. Flesch responds:

    I hope it comes back. A co-worker who is a regular there told me about it last week. He’s brought me there a few times for lunch. I love their Sausage & Mushroom Casserole.

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  3. Rachel introduced me to this place many many years ago. Now I live in Portland, OR and although we are known as one of Americas best foodie towns, we have nothing that compares to the great food at Mr. Dominic’s. I wish them a speedy reopenning and many more decades of serving the best Italian food in any city I have ever lived.

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