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– Last winter, more than 200 cars were stolen in Rochester from drivers who left their cars running with the keys inside. People run into stores or daycares and come outside shocked to find their cars gone.

Rochester police have been trying to educate the public about this issue for a very long time. Leaving your car running can result in a $130 ticket. I’ve heard of drivers who have gotten their cars stolen and were shocked when the responding officers wrote them a ticket.

Now police have a good example of what can go wrong in addition to a theft. Last night, a man who stopped at a convenience store on West Main Street came outside to find his car – with his sleeping 6-year-old son in the backseat – stolen. The boy was found unharmed.

Some people have asked why the man wasn’t charged with endangering the welfare of a child. That seems extreme for a quick dash into the store, something that is clearly a common practice. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the dad got that $130 ticket.

– I’m not the only one who thinks politicians gushing over the Niagara Falls tightrope walk is in poor taste.

– We’ve seen big cuts announced in the Fairport Central School District. Get ready for other school districts – once thought untouchable – to announce similar measures.

– It’s the longest kidney donation chain ever, with 30 donations for 30 recipients.

– An Eastman School of Music violinist, turning 90, bids farewell.

– This might be the best obituary ever, about the colorful life of the man who rowed across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

3 Responses to Don’t Leave Car Running

  1. Rachel, I am loving your blog — thank you for finding all this interesting and pertinent ‘stuff.’

    I appreciate the variety of the stories you pick as well as your thoughtful additions. Keep up the great work!

  2. I don’t think insurance covers stolen cars when the keys were left in the ignition.

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