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– Is this the new way to watch TV? A start-up will stream broadcast stations online in New York City $12 a month. The company thinks it can get around copyright laws by putting up thousands of antennas, one for each subscriber. This will likely end up in court.

I’m fascinated by these new models of TV-watching. I can see a day when you pay for programs a la carte that are downloaded to your television or mobile device. I can also see paying a Netflix-like subscription for programming bundles. It’s also possible broadcast stations themselves will stream content for a fee. Cord-cutting has so far been slow to take hold, but these kinds of options will speed things up.

What do you see happening?

– There was a fuss in one our suburban districts in recent years about sex offenders being allowed to vote in schools. Some school districts elsewhere in the country are banning polling places in schools altogether, because voters – they’re a scary lot – might harm children.

– This strikes me as terribly unethical. A group of Chicago charter schools has raked in $400,000 by fining students for behavior infractions.

– The man who wants to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls has permission. New York officials are hoping this is a huge tourism draw. Kind of ghoulish if something goes wrong, no?

– Are you a fan of Instagram? I haven’t used the photo-sharing site, but I’m enthralled by some of the montages. This one is all about Rochester. Enjoy.

3 Responses to New Way to Watch TV?

  1. February 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm Gene Brown III responds:

    I have always thought that with the advent of the roku box, apple tv, and google tv; that it’s just a matter of time before streaming tv. over takes cable.
    alot of cable news already stream there news on the net and on roku boxes, cnn. rt, fox news, just to name some. I think that alot of tv networks have been to slow to see the advantage of streaming tv, and tv on demand.

  2. I have a roku and Apple Tv and like them just fine but I want cable for the latest shows. Broadcast TV has tons of commercials and that is a big drawback. If I could get the news without commercials I would.

  3. I am old enough to remember advertisements that were shown on network-affiliated TV stations, in addition to movie theaters, warning people about approaching cable television. The ads depicted coin slots sitting on top of TV sets, whereby it was envisioned programming would be expensive, and viewers were encouraged to fight against what was being termed as “pay TV.”

    I cut the cable cord two years ago, when I became tired of the rising costs. I was amongst many in the Rochester area who tried to get Time Warner to consider a al carte. However, I am now doing fine with over-the-air digital channels and streaming that is available on-line. I welcome any innovations that will make affordable TV-viewing available to the masses.

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