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– I went to the emergency room for the first time in 2006. What started as a routine migraine turned into something quite scary. The back of my neck was in such pain, I couldn’t turn my head. My arms and legs hurt. I was running a 103 degree fever. My doctor made me go to the ER, fearing the neck pain and fever meant meningitis. I insisted to the doctors this was a migraine gone awry, but I ended up having a spinal tap right there in the ER.

Fortunately, I haven’t had a migraine like that one ever again. But I do get migraines about once a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I tend to get them on weekends, a common phenomenon known as “let-down” migraines. Some last for two or three days and I get into a vicious cycle of Imitrex and Alleve. I’ve resorted to Vicodin, which takes the pain away but renders me useless for the rest of the day.

I was happy to hear Rochester now has an Acute Migraine Treatment Center. It is an urgent care center for migraines. Patients can call ahead and go the same day. Most insurance is accepted. In an ER, doctors treat the migraine pain. In this center, they treat the migraine with special drugs and IV fluids. There’s no reason for prolonged suffering, anymore. I hope I don’t have to use this service, but it’s nice knowing it’s there.

– Do you share your HBO GO or Netflix passwords? If you have the passwords of friends or family members, it becomes much easier to cut the cord. But is it legal and ethical? 

– MAPCO hires deaf and hard of hearing people. Some of them are older workers, too! Who knew?

– If you think Rochester politics get weird, check out the ongoing feud in Onondaga County among the mayor, district attorney and police chief. The latest chapter involves a fender bender.

– Happy Valentines Day! Innovation Trail put together a cute love letter to Upstate New York.

3 Responses to Local Help for Migraine Sufferers

  1. Migraines are horrible. I watched my mother suffer through them. I’m glad this new center exists and will offer some help.
    On the sharing of passwords. Clearly unethical and should be illegal. Pirating software is illegal and this seems the same to me.

  2. My dad used to get ’em occasionally. He could tell when they were coming on, and would have to wait ’em out in a dark room — he would become very sensitive to light.

    Something I fortunately did not inherit.

  3. February 15, 2012 at 10:47 am Gene Brown III responds:

    I get Migraines about 2 times a month, I have had migrains since was about 8 years old. My migrains comes when I get stressed out, I can’t move my head, or neck. loud sounds, don’t make my migraines worst. but light sunlight can bring on my migrines, shads help my in the sunmmer time.

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