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There’s evidence today cord-cutting is happening.

Nielson reports the number of households with only the Internet and free television is on the rise. TechCrunch reports:

Although representing less than 5% of TV households, the number has grown 22.8% over the past year.

In addition, the behaviors within these homes are unique. These broadband/broadcast-only households stream video twice as much as the general population, says Nielsen, and they watch half as much TV.

Nielsen says people over 35 are watching more television. People under 35 are watching less television ON a television screen. That could have major implications for broadcast networks, especially local news operations.

People watch more than our hours of TV a day! Ninety percent of households still pay for television. Cord-cutting may be taking hold, but it’s happening very, very slowly.

2 Responses to Cord-Cutting Happening…Slowly

  1. February 9, 2012 at 5:55 pm James Simons responds:

    Proud to say I just cut the cord today actually. Had 2 dvrs with digital cable and Showtime. Dropped down to just the internet and local channels. My bill went down $100. I didn’t feel any sadness about giving up the dvrs. Instead it was strangely liberating. My wife and I have a netflix account, amazon prime and hulu plus. We should be able to find anything we need streaming and any specialty shows from HBO or Showtime we can buy off iTunes. Not only is the change saving us money, but it is freeing us up to go out and do more. We realized we were slaves to our own dvr and watching recorded shows almost became a chore. I doubt we will ever second guess our decision.

  2. February 10, 2012 at 7:52 am Jonathan responds:

    Apple’s entry into the TV market is very likely to accelerate cord-cutting.

    Don’t be caught off guard if that happens.

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