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Although a recent study found America is less racially segregated than ever before, there are places where it persists. In some of those places, there is a significant “opportunity gap.”

The Urban Land Institute ranked 100 metropolitan areas based on black-white equality. The study measured residential segregation, income, employment, school test scores and home ownership.

Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse ranked in the bottom ten.

Here’s Rochester’s report card:

Overall: F | 92nd

Residential Segregation: D

Neighborhood Income Gap: F

School Test Score Gap: D

Employment Gap: F

Home ownership Gap: D

The Atlantic points out the study doesn’t take into account the different sizes and lifestyles of each metro area.

But I’m glad this study went a little further than the Manhattan Institute study that looked at residential segregation. That study proclaimed our country is less segregated than ever. As I blogged recently, the data showed only slightly more integration in Rochester. It certainly feels segregated here. This study shows it is – and points out possible consequences.

– What’s up with Syracuse’s school superintendent? She proposed a budget with a 12 percent increase – unheard of in these tough fiscal times. If that’s not shocking enough, her budget has a $35 million hole and she has no idea how to fill it.

– Kodak has a big bankruptcy hearing next Wednesday. The court filings show everyone is lining up to get their piece of the pie. They also suggest Kodak could be having a hard time with vendors right now.

– Rochester’s ShotSpotter program has a shockingly low return on investment. More than 3,000 activations led to only six arrests.

– Save the Crows! Here’s my story on the Facebook group protesting the city’s crow removal. My favorite line: “They’re birds. Let birds be birds.”

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