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Links of the Day:

– Save the crows! A Facebook group formed to oppose the city’s crow-removal efforts. It’s called Rochesterians for Crows.

The group was founded by Jay Schreiber, a manager at Nathaniel Square in the South Wedge. “They’re a part of life here,” he said.

Here are some posts from the page:

“In the D&C article they say to call 311 to report where the crows are roosting. I think we should call 311 to complain about the disturbances being caused trying to get rid of the crows. Who wants fireworks going off in their neighborhood all hours of the night?”

“They roost in the trees outside my apartment building. Some evenings we have quite the conversations as I arrive home from work. They speak more intelligently than any politician I know.”

“It’s been said already, but it can be said again – this is not only a giant waste of time and money, but it’s invasive to animal rights. I cannot BELIEVE the city is orchestrating this when there are real problems to be facing. What a JOKE.”

The Democrat and Chronicle has a video of the crow-scaring tactics, led by the USDA.

– Do you have enough polo shirts? The state mandates employers give workers enough uniform polo shirts to last the week. An Albany area pizza shop found out the hard way.

– A Buffalo teenager’s iPod was stolen during a trip to Rochester. Somehow, it ended up in Puerto Rico.

– Rochester wants pawn shops to go digital. Burglaries are on the rise. There were more than 3,000 last year. Pawn shops and secondhand stores would be required to send police a list of merchandise every day.

– Rochester is in the Garbage Plate food region of New York State.

– He’s a Harvard graduate. He’s Asian. He sleeps on his brother’s couch. He’s a surprise Knicks phenom. This might be the best read of the day.

5 Responses to Crow Support Group Forms

  1. “But they poop, and bird poop is gross, and it ruins the paint job on our cars and that is so worth spending money to scare off animals that are otherwise not a problem and also sacred to indigenous culture.” I think the reasoning goes something like that.

  2. February 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm Jim Webster responds:

    I’m happy the crows have made a comeback as a result of a better environment.
    But, get serious! 20,000 crows around the park. That’s absurd, and they need to go, for health reasons if no other.
    If you have a few in your yard, good for you. But a few aren’t the health menace these are, and this save the crows thing is ridiculous. Next thing they’ll want to save is the mosquito.
    Geez! Get a life.

  3. February 8, 2012 at 6:41 pm Debbie Adams responds:

    I have lived on Gregory for 26 years and the crows have been her for a long time-I would imagine they will return. I miss them in my back yard and winging over the wedge at dusk form the south tto the north!

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me! “Ooooh, it’s so cruel to scare the poor little birdies”…empathetic tree huggers, get a life…give me a break! You know, I like birds and I think crows are cool too – and smart. But everyone getting upset because we don’t need 25,000 of them all over the city…the birds will be just fine, give it a rest. (Unless they want to all hang out in Washington Park, there are lots of good targets for them there!)

  5. February 9, 2012 at 10:09 pm puzzled economist responds:

    I’d like to see the population models that show a long-term decline from this intervention. Usually you have to modify habitat, food supply, water supply as well, otherwise the survivors breed to huge populations in the ensuing time of plenty. Or other denizens move into the vacant niche. I presume that someone has done this homework as part of the planning process…

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