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Links of the Day:

– Frederick Douglass lived in Rochester longer than he lived anywhere else, but the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site is in Washington, D.C. The National Park Service maintains the home he owned from 1877 to 1895.

The Washington Post posted a very interesting photo gallery of the home.

It’s kind of shame Rochester hasn’t been able to create a comparable museum, such as the Susan B. Anthony House. Douglass’ main residence in Rochester burned down. Another house was discovered, but it’s occupied. There are certainly numerous markers of the Douglass legacy in Rochester, including his grave. The Frederick Douglass Resource Center is a great addition, but it’s not meant to be a tourist attraction.

– These are the criminal cases we don’t hear about. The Democrat and Chronicle’s Gary Craig explains the pitfalls of mistaken identity.

– Cuomo’s battle with teachers is misguided, says an Albany Times Union columnist:

Clearly, Cuomo has an agenda here. What that is, who knows, but it is not the betterment of public education in New York. His continual bashing of those who are the front-line troops of education is having an enormously corrosive effect.


Well, I’m going to ask you again to do a reality check on the Cuomo rhetoric. Because he single-handedly is the one responsible, through his reductions in school aid, for the loss of music and art teachers, remedial programs, enrichment programs, advanced placement courses, even kindergarten and prekindergarten in many schools across the state. While he was distracting the public by pinning the tail on the teacher, the administrator, and the so-called “bureaucracy,” he was eviscerating public schools from Montauk to Williamsville.

– How’s this for a steamy read? A woman claims she had an affair with John F. Kennedy when she was a 19-year-old White House intern. She says he took her virginity in Jackie’s bedroom, invited her to noontime swims, asked her to perform oral sex on his buddy, and offered her drugs. Sordid stuff.

2 Responses to Frederick Douglass’ Other Home

  1. February 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm Steve Wershing responds:

    It is a shame we do not have a memorial and museum dedicated to Frederick Douglass in Rochester, like we do Susan B. Anthony. One reason is that maintaining a building and collection is tremendously expensive – much more than can be supported on visits alone.

    At least we can all help keep Miss Anthony’s house and museum alive. Her annual birthday luncheon is next week – February 15. Consider going and celebrating her 192nd! Or make a contribution with birthday wishes. Either can be done at the house’s website – http://www.susanbanthonyhouse.org.

  2. February 5, 2012 at 11:41 pm PAUL QUARTIERI responds:

    Rachel after his house on south ave burned down he lowned and lived in a house on hamilton street 271 to be exact

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