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Artwalk Tile Facebook Page


There are some beautiful new residents of Artwalk Tile. But don’t try to have a conversation with them.

“It was almost kind of creepy,” said Donna Ventura, who owns Artwalk with her husband. Joe. “You’d come up the stairs and you see this figure.”

Joe came up with the idea to tile a bunch of mannequins. Donna did the designs. An employee, Ever, does the tiling.

The result is stunning pieces of art.

Artwalk Tile Facebook Page

The store has many customers who come in to buy tiles for mosaics.

“It’s just an inspirational thing. You don’t just have to tile your wall or floor,” said Donna Ventura. “You can do fun things, as well.”

There are four completed mannequins, with a couple more waiting to be decorated. There is a photo album on the Artwalk’s Facebook page.

For now, you have to visit the shop to see the mannequins. The owners hope to put them on display in an adjacent lot, if they can figure out a way to secure the statues. The store is located along ArtWalk, after all.

“There’s so much creativity in our neighborhood,” Donna said.

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