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Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

Monroe Community College is exploring the idea of vacating the Sibley Building immediately. The school is looking at other sites where it can hold classes and asked Kodak about the possibility of moving in right now, instead of after renovations.

MCC thinks Winn Development, which plans to buy Sibley, wants too much money. Winn thinks it’s offering Sibley a deal. Winn officials say if MCC moves out now, the development of Sibley will proceed.

If MCC gets out of Sibley soon, there are some serious questions:

1. What is the cost of temporary space, including setting up classrooms, versus the cost of leasing at Sibley?

2. What happens if the county legislature doesn’t sign off on the purchase of the Kodak buildings? MCC would be effectively homeless downtown.

3. Is MCC trying to do an end-run around the legislature by getting into Kodak early under a lease?

4. What is MCC’s commitment to a downtown campus?

The board of trustees meets on Monday to make a decision. MCC officials have demonstrated they are seriously anti-Sibley. Here are a series of tweets from President Anne Kress today. The last one is priceless:


2 Responses to Giving Sibley the Slip

  1. I’m impressed with the way they’re controlling “the narrative” (my fav. media term of the last year) on this. With few exceptions, the Republican establishment in Monroe County has always been better at that than the Democrats, or City leaders. In fact, they’ve pretty much run circles around the Democrats and City leaders since they took over county government 2 decades ago – first the executive’s office, then the legislature a year later. They’re doing it here, and what’s to stop them once they’re over at Kodak? If Legislature Democrats try to obstruct or force them back to Sibley’s, the narrative will be, at best, that they’re doing it to benefit connected Democrats or at the behest of a City government that appears (the narrative again) to have its head up its arse.

    • Actually, I think everyone except MCC would like to mediate this and keep them at Sibley for now. That’s from one very prominent Republican.

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