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Links of the Day:

– Buffalo is finally getting its fair share, according to the Buffalo News editorial board:

We understand why other upstate cities are covetous of the billion dollars’ worth of affection that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is prepared to lavish on Buffalo. They want some loving, too. We might feel the same in their shoes.

Yet, those cities are missing the larger point, one that Cuomo understands and that should help him stay firm in his commitment. Buffalo, the state’s second-largest city, is failing worse than others. Those two facts — the city’s size and its long-term trajectory — send damaging reverberations throughout the state economy.


What is more, as Cuomo also observed, Buffalo simply hasn’t gotten its fair share from Albany…

The idea that Buffalo has been comparatively neglected by Albany is laughable when you consider it has gotten more state aid per capita than Rochester for many years. Rochester is also required to give its schools twice what Buffalo is required.

The poverty rate in Rochester is worse. Buffalo’s schools perform slightly better. While Rochester’s regional economy is certainly performing better, the urban areas have the exact same challenges.

– Albany has a law against predatory towing that it will now have to defend in court.

– People have been killed making iPads. In an important piece of journalism, The New York Times exposes harsh working conditions in Chinese factories.

– Gerrymandering is alive and well. Rochester could be represented by six state senators.

– Kids in preschool and daycare don’t get to play, because providers are worried they’ll get hurt. Lenore Skenazy writes in the Wall Street Journal:

In striving to make our kids super safe and super smart we have turned them into bored blobs.

– The search for what is causing the LeRoy girls’ illness continues, even though doctors have already made a diagnosis of conversion disorder.

2 Responses to Buffalo’s Fair Share?

  1. Well, it does have 25% greater population. That translates to 1000% more funds, right? In earnest, the Governor explained it pretty well, and I buy that explanation. Let us see what this money does for Buffalo and learn from their mistakes and when they’re horribly corrupt regional government mismanages it, let us hope that Albany does not take that a cue to not give Rochester or Syracuse like amounts in the future.

  2. As a former and native Buffalonian, it’s not the fact that they got the money, or it’s disparity to Rochester’s, that upsets me. Rather, it’s Buffalo’s proven, etched in stone history of financial mismanagement and hair brained expensive ideas (he said, carefully stepping around the Fast Ferry) that concern me.

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