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More Links of the Day, Kodak version:

– Kodak filed a Public Lender Presentation that has some insight into where the company is headed. (Read the document at bottom of this post.)

1. The plan lists four key objectives, among them “fairly resolve legacy liabilities.” That means pensions, health care and the cost of current workers. (Page 11)

2. Kodak lists divisions it will “manage for cash/value.” Those include cameras, entertainment, patents and film. Many analysts have suspected Kodak will sell off consumer units. This will have an impact on the workers in those units. (Page 12)

3. Kodak lists intellectual property it thinks is valuable. (Pages 14-15)

4. Kodak lists the departments expected to take a hit, including human resources, corporate engineering, finance, research, legal, marketing and purchasing. This is where we could see big job losses. (Page 16)

– Is Antonio Perez the man to guide Kodak through restructuring? He faces some criticism in my 13WHAM report.

– Kodak could have trouble selling its patents if they are encumbered by licenses, as InterDigital discovered.

Read the Public Lender Presentation:

One Response to Where Kodak Plans to Cut

  1. i want to know why the upper managment qand the so called board of directors waited so long i believe they a all should be fired this shouldn`t of happen i also want all upper managment to stop reciving there pay and bounues also everyone on the board as well

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