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More Links of the Day:

– Local tourism campaigns have become such fun.

There was “Buffalo: For Real,” which spawned the hilarious #rocslogan Twitter meme.

We had the guys who created the snarky “Rochester Made” website.

A comedian’s “Iowa Nice” off-color video went viral.

But “North Dakota: Legendary” might take the cake. One of the campaign ads featured flirting women and men with a line about leaving the state a legend. It was pulled because it was deemed too sexy. ABC news interviewed a professor who said strong reactions to tourism campaigns are common.

You think?

(For the record, my favorite campaign was “I’d Rather be in Rochester. It’s Got It.” My least favorite is “Rochester: Made for Living.”)

– Buffalo has a lot of pizza joins per capita. The Buffalo news asks how they are all surviving.

Buffalo is CORF-ing when it would like to be BIRG-ing.

– There’s a small, but growing number of people speaking up about legalizing drugs.

– Should you be forced to buy health insurance? The Wall Street Journal’s dueling essayists are a good read.

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