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Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

Links of the Day:

– Some major websites are blacked out today in protest of SOPA. My favorite headline belongs to the Washington Post, “What happens when the Internet gets mad.”

– Buffalo really made out in the state budget. In addition to the $1 billion pledge for economic development, the area is getting $15 million for the Peace Bridge, $100 million for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, $2.94 million to retain the Bills and money to move the University of Buffalo medical school downtown.

Rochester is getting $28 million advance on state aid that remains below what Buffalo and Syracuse receive per capita.

Buffalo $1.218 billion
Rochester $168 million

– Strong Memorial Hospital’s cafeteria is getting its first big upgrade since the 1970s. This is very exciting for workers, but it sounds like it will be a real pain to get food there until the renovation is complete.

– All of the Monday morning quarterbacks discussing Kodak’s downfall are wrong, says a column posted on CNN.com. Kodak’s problem wasn’t innovation or diversification; it was making a successful business model of those efforts:

The tiny sideline businesses simply could not scale at a rate that might make up for the loss of film revenues, so those inside the core business were unable or unwilling to do what it took to foster drastic transformation.

This exact phenomenon plagues innovation in nearly every large firm. At least once a week, top executives tell me that new growth businesses in their firms are intriguing and potentially important, but they simply “don’t move the needle.” Said in plain American: “The hot new thing simply cannot produce enough revenues this quarter to improve my bonus as a senior executive.” So those projects are starved of resources instead of nurtured.

– Rochester and Syracuse play a role in drone use in the U.S. military.

– Laying off cops is bad.

2 Responses to SOPA, Scorecard, Strong

  1. January 18, 2012 at 10:34 am Pat McDermott responds:

    I for one am embarrassed to be represented by a cosponsor, Chuck Schumer, and a supporter Kristen Gillibrand, of the PIPA bill in the senate. This bill is a nontrivial threat to the livelihood of anyone involved in the field of software.

  2. January 18, 2012 at 12:01 pm Donovan Williams responds:

    I wasn’t really worried about SOPA; there are far too many big money interests whose existence depends on a freely accessible web. The cries and complaints of music and movie industry may have some merit but ultimately their decline is a byproduct of evolving technology more then piracy. Trying to un-invent the internet would be like book publishers trying to ban kindle or Kodak trying to criminalize digital photography. That genie isn’t going back in the bottle, folks. You either evolve with the changing times to continue making a profit, or you wind up as the next version of Kodak as a cautionary tale…

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