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– So, you think Rochester’s not innovative? The Democrat and Chronicle’s Sean Lahman thoroughly deconstructs the ridiculous Wall Street Journal column claiming Rochester killed Kodak. He crunched the numbers on how many patents are obtained by local scientists:

Take Xerox Corp., for example. The company received 880 new patents last year, which ranked it 11th among all companies based in the United States. That’s more than many of the companies we think of as being hotbeds of innovation, like Apple, Texas Instruments or General Electric.

– On this Martin Luther King Day, grim statistics about African American incarceration.

– President Obama’s plans for high speed rail are slowing down.

– Buffalo is enjoying figuring out how to spend a billion dollars to lure businesses. Go for the “big one” or do some “economic gardening?”

3 Responses to Take That, WSJ

  1. Way to steal a twitter headline and pretend its your own, just like most things on this site

    • I was the first one to use that headline on this site. Check the time of my posting on Google Plus. Then someone else tweeted it an hour or so later. Please get your facts straight about who stole from whom. It’s also possible the same headlines were a coincidence.

      • I just double-checked. This blog was published at 8:13 a.m. The tweet you’re talking about came at 9:38 a.m. You were saying?

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