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Remember when the Pittsford Wegmans opened in the 1990s with the first Market Cafe? We marveled at the concept of eating lunch while we shopped for groceries. The array of offerings, from soups to salads to Chinese food, was mind-boggling. I loved getting a mocha latte and New York Times and hiding at a table upstairs for hours.

We learned in the Democrat and Chronicle today Wegmans had a precursor to the Market Cafe in 1930 at its Clinton store. It had a 300-seat cafeteria!

History writer Bob Marcotte has several anecdotes about the company’s history in the first two installments of columns about Wegmans’ origins. You can read them here and here.

Wegmans has such a rich history and importance to this community, wouldn’t it be great to see a Wegmans museum? The Pittsford Wegmans is a mecca for out-of-town visitors, but I’d love to see a full-fledged museum.

With a Market Cafe, of course.

One Response to How About a Wegmans Museum?

  1. Actually Pittsford was home to the first 2 floor Market Cafe.

    The original Market Cafe that we all know today opened at the chain’s Corning, NY store back in 1990.

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