Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

    Monroe Community College continued its assault on downtown Rochester in the Democrat and Chronicle Sunday. The dean of the Damon City Campus, Emeterio Otero, had this to say:

    “Just this morning, a faculty member complained they found feces and urine inside the building,” Otero said Tuesday. “It’s just medieval.”

    “If you look to Midtown right now, and I know the city has plans for that, and hopefully it’ll be developed, but it’s still a hole. If you look to the left where the old Renaissance Square building was going to be — it’s a shambles right now. It’s not conducive to a college environment right now.”


    Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

    The paper looked into safety concerns around the Sibley Building, a chief factor in MCC’s decision to move to the Kodak complex. MCC said there were more than 8,000 police calls during an 11-month period. It turns out many of those calls were simply officers talking to dispatch. There were only 98 crime reports taken, most for minor offenses.

    The crime issue is one of perception, but there’s still a real problem outside Sibley. The city has done a terrible job getting a handle on youth loitering and mayhem. The area will be markedly improved, however, with the development of Midtown, the bus terminal and rehabilitation of the Sibley Building itself.

    As I’ve blogged about before, MCC has done real damage to downtown’s image. Instead of working with the city, it’s throwing up its hand and bolting from Main Street. I’m not sure I blame them, considering the strong feelings of staff and students, but it’s extremely disheartening to watch.