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Links of the Day:

– The Wall Street Journal reviewed Microsoft’s new Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. I’m going to pass on purchasing because the iPad isn’t meant for heavy-duty work.

After my laptop died last week. I spent five days using my iPad to post blogs. I have an iPad keyboard, but everything still took four times as long. Basic functions such as cutting and pasting and switching between windows are much more laborious. The interface is not designed to post blogs with a dozen links. The apps don’t have all of the functions of a PC. The iPad works best posting short stories while on the go.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad. I use it more than my laptop. But it’s not meant to be a workhorse. The iPad is gorgeous media consumption device.

– Can universities save cities? That was the focus of a panel discussion featuring four university presidents. They discussed Kodak’s decline and the University of Rochester’s rise. Excerpt:

President David Leebron of Houston’s Rice University agreed, noting that the worldwide trend is for an ever greater proportion of people to live and work in cities. Cities will survive.  “The real question is, can universities make their cities more competitive and make them more competitive on a global scale?” he asked.

– Greece Ridge Mall will knock down the Bon-Ton store and build some restaurants and shops. Keep an eye on the tax breaks and incentives awarded to the project. No public hearing has been scheduled yet with COMIDA.

– Bloomberg reports Kodak could seek bankruptcy protection within a matter of weeks. 

– Buffalo Rising asks if Genesee Beer is poised to be the new hipster ale. The blogger asks why Rochester and Buffalo don’t embrace the brew.

4 Responses to You Still Need a Laptop

  1. Couldn’t agree more…however the jobs that I use my laptop for are becoming more of a unique need than what we use my iPad for. I now read (magazines and newspapers (and comics)) almost exclusively on the iPad, Facebook, Twitter and even watch Netflix after my wife goes to bed all happens on the iPad. I use my notebook for two things, gaming and writing lengthy emails/blogs. Awesome.

  2. I never understood how every electronic device is supposed to be a “killer” of another electronic device. I use my computer most of the time but love my ipad and recently got an Amazon Fire which received bad reviews because it wasn’t an ipad. I love them all and they are all different and all useful. Not one killed another, they are all friends.

  3. If Jobs said we’re in a post-PC world, who are we to argue? I have both and agree with you, Rachel!

  4. January 13, 2012 at 9:26 pm Dan Hunt responds:

    I use my ipad for entertainment such as playing slots and all my essential needs are handled by my laptop. Thank You.

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