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– (Updated) The incoming owners of the Sibley Building are putting the squeeze on Monroe Community College, reports the Democrat and Chronicle:

“In the coming month, it is necessary for a lease renewal to be agreed to among the parties,” said Gilbert J. Winn, managing principal of WinnCompanies.

If an agreement is not reached, he added, “as incoming owners we have a clear responsibility to act in the best long-term interests of the Sibley Building and would be forced to vacate the college this summer.”

I find it interesting that the owners of Sibley would strong-arm a publicly-funded entity, considering Sibley is $23 million in arrears on taxes and government loans. I don’t think that’s an irrelevant issue.

I’m not sure why MCC won’t just sign a lease there, however. What options does it have while waiting for the Kodak renovation? That’s a lingering question.

UPDATE – Talked to Winn, who said MCC has no sense of urgency. Winn also said company can renovate the building for much less money, “like if you have a home and just want to do the kitchen.”

– Starbucks is all well and good, but Rochester has a lot of locally-owned coffee shops.

– Mormons just want to be accepted, according to a Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life poll. I grew up with several Mormon families and it makes me sad to think they are fighting to be understood and welcomed into the mainstream.

– It would be a shame if the Academy Awards left Hollywood, according to people interviewed by the Los Angeles Times. The Oscars are considering Nokia Theatre over Kodak Theatre, which is smaller and has poor acoustics.

– New Yorkers are buying fewer vanity plates, probably because they’re too expensive.

– Marijuana doesn’t cause much damage to the lungs, a new study finds. Unless you’re a serious pothead.

5 Responses to MCC, Mormons, Marijuana

  1. The new owners of the Sibley Building need to grant MCC some slack. Rachel is correct in citing the long-outstanding debt owed for grants and loans given to Rochwil for operation of the Sibley Building. Before retiring from City Hall, I spent a lot of time collaborating with the City’s Law Department to collect this debt. I recall the day that I wrote off Rochwil’s late fees, which were accumulating monthly. The Law Department felt that by writing off these fees, Rochwil would pay its overdue principal and interest (didn’t happen). So, I think the new owners of the Sibley Building need to negotiate with the City and MCC before becoming an evicting landlord.

  2. January 12, 2012 at 10:44 am Jim Webster responds:

    I certainly don’t blame the new owner of the Sibley Building for wanting a commitment. MCC has been dragging it’s feet on this forever. And moving the campus to the Kodak site is absurd.
    As long as the city will provide adequate protection, as it had pledged to do, and this location is the hub of transportation, this shouldn’t be an issue. Parking is more than adequate, the new bus terminal is right behind it, so why all the debate?
    So it begs the question, who’s pockets are being lined? (Yep, I know, pretty cynical, but I think it’s a reality)

    • January 17, 2012 at 10:29 am Sean A. Flesch responds:

      Catching up on some of these articles…MCC had an agreement in place with Wilmorite but was told suddenly that they had to deal with WinnGate, who totally changed the agreement. Now they are just spinning to try to make it look like MCC’s fault. How would you feel if you told your landlord you were moving in three years and they increased your rent by 30%, and were trying to make you sign a lease that lasted well beyond your move out date?
      As far as moving to Kodak, we get more space for less than Sibley. Sibley’s facilities would cost far more long-term (HVAC is ancient) as well.
      Finally, the city has been promising for a long time to increase patrols and put a station in the Sibley building, but that promise has never been fulfilled.
      As far as whose pockets being lined by going to Kodak? I ask the reverse? Whose pockets are being lined by us being forced to stay here?

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