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Links of the Day:

– We still watch a ton of television on an actual television.

Nielsen reported the average American watches 32.5 hours of traditional TV a week, compared to 3.6 hours a week on the Internet.

The data leads All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka to proclaim people won’t be cord-cutting a wide scale anytime soon:

Because they actually like TV quite a bit, and watch tons of it every week, and they’re okay paying for it, too, even if they say they’re not. They just want to pay less for the stuff they want.

One solution to the problem is cable companies offering lower-priced tiers and bundles, which some are now doing. The practice of downgrading is known as “cord-shaving.” (I’m a cord-shaver, having gone to basic cable plus HBO. I probably watch less than 5 hours of television a week.)

Another issue with cord-cutting is the cost of Internet, especially if you are mobile.

– Kodak’s inkjet plant in Dayton, Ohio, could play a key role in the company’s future.

– The signs are there that Governor Cuomo is gearing up to do battle with teachers unions.

– Buffalo is contemplating banning the under-21 crowd from downtown bars.

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