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Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

Rochester Institute of Technology is starting a Saturday night shuttle service to the East End. (It’s amazing one doesn’t already exist!) The press release says:

Starting this Saturday, Jan. 14, RIT students can hop on the Tiger East End Express with the opportunity to explore the dozens of clubs, theaters, restaurants, stores, galleries and museums that are vital to Rochester’s East End.

It’s nice to see RIT acknowledging the city’s nightlife and providing safe transportation for students. Park Point was a great addition, but I’m wondering if it ever became the “College Town” originally envisioned. The complex has a bar and coffee shop and puts on concerts in the square. It doesn’t feel much like an urban village, however, as it’s incredibly spread out and surrounded by parking lots.

Meanwhile, the University of Rochester has struggled with students partying in the East End. The college ended so-called “bar parties,” shuttles rented by students to go bar-hopping. The tradition of party buses is curious, because the college has a nightly shuttle to the East End. The schedule indicates fairly convenient times.

It’s too bad Rochester doesn’t have a critical mass of college students who live and play downtown, aside from Eastman students. Our college campuses are far apart and somewhat isolated. Perhaps these shuttle stories indicate a desire among many students for a more urban experience.

Other items of interest:

A Syracuse Post-Standard reporter speculates Wegmans could be expanding to the south.

State Senator Michael Nozzolio of Seneca County is in the middle of efforts to create a 63rd senate seat.

Rochester Subway has a trove of documents related to Genesee Brewery’s request to tear down 13 Cataract St. The documents, according to the blog, came from the Zoning Board of Appeals. The brewery has said it had no viable offers for the historic building…or did it?

It’s become fashionable lately to blame women for the fact they make less money than men. “Just ask for more money! Women are too scared and don’t know how to negotiate!” Go ahead and try it. See what happens.

2 Responses to Students Want to Go Downtown

  1. The East End is fun, and the rest of downtown could be too. Personally I think RGRTA should put more routes at later times specifically for this purpose. They’d get riders, the students have fun and the entertainment businesses downtown get the customers. It’s a win for everyone.

  2. As an RIT student, I’m very excited about this. You are correct about Park Point being somewhat of a disappointment, and many RIT students would love to get downtown more but it simply isn’t accessible without some sort of shuttle service.

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