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A proliferation of news articles and blog posts have a warning for corporate America: Beware, or you could become the next Kodak! Many industries are mining lessons from the saga:

Newspapers must embrace the digital age and prepare for the day without paper.

Telecommunications firms must prepare for further erosion of the landline market.

The Post Office, “once even more important than Eastman Kodak,” risks becoming obsolete in the digital age.

Barnes & Noble may be having a “Kodak moment,” as it contemplates spinning off its Nook business.

The entertainment industry, including movies and music, must go digital or die.

Even churches can learn something from Kodak’s culture that didn’t foster dissent or risk.

The intense level of media interest and the volume of stories indicate the enormous stature of the Kodak brand. The entire world is sharing in our pain.

Other Kodak News:

– My colleague Doug Emblidge interviewed former Kodak spokesman Paul Allen. It’s a fascinating interview, as Allen discusses his assessment of past CEOs and his distaste for Kodak’s direction in the 1980s. Allen did his best to deliver the company line, knowing Kodak may not have been making the best decisions. The video will interest public relations professionals and students.

– Will Antonio Perez show up at President Obama’s jobs council meeting next week?

Buffalo’s Billion:

– Governor Cuomo needs help explaining why Buffalo is getting special treatment.

– Buffalo isn’t even sure it has an economic development arm to dole out the money! People are skeptical the city can handle that kind of cash.

“We would know what to do with it in five minutes,” said Mark Peterson, of Greater Rochester Enterprise.

2 Responses to “Kodak Moment” Means Something Else Now

  1. Was looking forward to the piece of Land lines becoming obsolete but it required registration when I clicked on it…bummer…

  2. Well, Mark Peterson certainly sounds like he’s issuing an invitation — he should be willing to take “5 minutes” to tell everyone what’s on his Billion Dollar List. Enquiring minds want to know!

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