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Links of the Day:

– The Wall Street Journal’s report Kodak is near bankruptcy set off another round of obituaries. The WSJ has written many. One is particularly succinct. Excerpt:

This company failed long ago…When a company starts to sell its intellectual property, hacking off an arm here and a leg there, you know the end is near.

The Democrat and Chronicle has a good Q&A about what a Kodak bankruptcy would mean.

– Mayor Tom Richards was diplomatic when asked his opinion of the governor announcing $1 billion for economic development in Buffalo:

“He mentioned Buffalo and it’s a great proposal for Buffalo and I’m happy for them, but our situation in Rochester is in many respects the same,” Richards said. “I look at this as a positive development. I look at this as the governor, who I respect, who is a fair guy, recognizes that it’s time to start doing something with these upstate cities.”

The State of the State Address left many in Rochester feeling snubbed, especially after the Regional Economic Council awards.

Scorecard: Buffalo $1.1 billion Rochester $68 million

– “Alec Baldwin’s mom is one of those Wegmans people.”

New York Magazine (and the rest of the world) picked up the story 13WHAM-TV broke. I knew this would go viral when I called Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natale Tuesday morning to confirm the ads had been taken off the air. I don’t think she had a clue it would blow up.

Although this is another example of a company feeling swift online backlash, it would be a mistake to say Wegmans learned the power of social media from this incident. We’re talking about a company that has had an entire Twitter team on staff for a couple years. It’s precisely because of Wegmans’ savvy the company immediately reversed course and reunited with Baldwin.

As a PR pro at Dixon Schwabl told me, “Wegmans listens to its customers.”

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