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Links of the Day:

– Ontario County is exploring regional high schools. The schools would be able to offer more programs under a consolidated system. Districts would retain their individual elementary schools. Rural school districts across the state are struggling with resources and the property tax cap.

From the Democrat and Chronicle:

The first model would require about $20 million in new construction. The second would require about $31.6 million in new construction.

A reduction in staff could save more than $4 million per year, which would translate into a property-tax reduction of about $50 annually on a $100,000 house.

Could we see more of this kind of thinking?

– Wegmans pulled its Alec Baldwin ads after getting a few dozen complaints. Now it’s reinstating the ads, after many more shoppers complained Wegmans pulled the spots.

– Representative Tom Reed awarded bonuses to 15 staff members, the only Rochester area congressional representative to do so.

– Buried in the archives of the Onondaga Historical Association was a 1775 document declaring New York’s independence from Britain.

One Response to School Consolidation

  1. re school consols: That’s right. Put them in even ever bigger boxes. That way they’ll hate going there even more.

    Ever notice the penitentiary terms they freely use in schools now? The best one is of course “lockdown.” But there are other ones like “detention,” “sentries,” security scans, etc.

    Try this link, “Why Don’t Students Like School?” Well, Duhhhh…


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