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Links of the Day:

– Governor Andrew Cuomo will focus on education in his State of the State speech on Wednesday, according to the New York Daily News. He’ll focus on accountability and announce a reform commission.

Cuomo’s announcement will come just days after he was critical of the city and other districts that failed to reach agreement with their unions on a new teacher evaluation system by an end-of-year deadline.

“What are the performance indicators? How do you judge performance in the education system? How are the services being provided?” the source said. “No one has really looked at it without a particular perspective on what’s going on in education.”

Will Cuomo go to war with teachers? Or will he focus on broader initiatives, including funding reform?

– Howard Relin wrote an op-ed in the Democrat and Chronicle blasting Mike Green’s failed nomination for a federal judgeship.

The so-called world’s greatest deliberative body has been reduced to a group of petty, partisan, scheming politicians.

– LG is generating a lot of buzz for its giant new OLED television screen. I couldn’t help but think about Kodak, which sold off its OLED unit to LG a couple years ago. Kodak pioneered OLED technology, which uses organic thin-film materials. There are initiatives in Rochester to grow OLED-related companies and it would be nice to see jobs created on a large scale. It’s rather frustrating that hasn’t happened already in the birthplace of the technology.

– PBS wants to be HBOwithout the monthly fee. I want to stream “Downton Abbey” after reading about the program’s success.

– There’s a great history column in the Democrat and Chronicle about a Rochester Civil War soldier and his sword.

2 Responses to Cuomo to Take on Education?

  1. I hope The Gov consults with John Gotto, the 1991 NYS Teacher of the year who shock the audience at the award ceremony with his speech at the Albany award dinner:

    The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher – By John Taylor Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year, 1991 .

    Alas, I live in New York State, so I’m not holding my breath. Still not bad for a tenured teacher that started out as a jingo writer on Madison Ave.

  2. Sorry, folks, this is a link to the actual text of Gotto’s 1991 speech at the NYS Taeacher of the Year awards dinner:

    The Six-Lesson School teacher

    Here’s his wiki page. I think he’s up there in age but still alive.

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