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Links of the Day:

– It’s a good idea to call your cable provider a few times a year to negotiate a better monthly price, reports the Wall Street Journal. The article says the average TV subscriber pays $128 a month for cable, Internet and phone. During the recession, a lot of subscribers bolted. Excerpt:

To stanch the bleeding, some cable companies have begun to quietly offer stripped-down plans to retain viewers. They frequently go unadvertised in many regions and customers might have to hunt for them on providers’ websites to find out exactly what to ask for.

It would be nice if prices and tiers were more transparent. I went to basic cable because I wasn’t watching the premium channels (or much TV, besides news). But Internet jacks up the monthly bill to previous levels.

I believe Apple or some other company will dramatically change how we consume television, in the same manner iTunes changed how we consume music. It’s already happening with online services, but the masses are still tied to the cord.

– Speaking of cable, the cable guy is now better dressed and trained. The New York Times says many have backgrounds in computing and engineering.

– What if your birthday fell on a Tuesday every year? That could happen if this permanent calendar was adopted.

– Remember book-of-the-month clubs? Now there are shoe-of-the-month clubs. Is there a way to sign up for stilettos?

My “halo over Rochester” post made its way to Buffalo. Do we need downtowns?

– I will be filling in for Bob Lonsberry today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hope you can tune in and call in! 222-1180. The broadcast is also available online at wham1180.com.

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