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Links of the Day:

– A 70-year-old WalMart greeter in Batavia was punched in the face by a customer on Christmas Eve, reports The Batavian.

– A man was mugged in the men’s room at the Eastview Regal theater.

– A blind dog who got lost in San Antonio makes its way home just in time for Christmas.

– An Erie County Sheriff’s deputy who lost his legs in an accident has not lost his spirit.

– The New York Times reports on the Salvation Army’s stance on homosexuality.

– She was dying of AIDS, but wanted one motorcycle ride. A very touching column in the New York Times.

– An astounding 19 percent of young veterans in Monroe County can’t find work.

– There’s a building boom in Wayne County…of apple storage facilities. The climate-controlled rooms “put apples to sleep.”

– The Los Angeles Times reports on the huge numbers of people wrongly jailed because police thought they were someone else.

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