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 Links of the Day:

– Airport Director Susan Walsh was charged with drunk driving after getting into a crash in East Rochester in her county vehicle. She took over as head of the airport after Dave Damelio  resigned over spending on cigars and strip clubs. Walsh has been placed on leave.

From the Democrat and Chronicle:

Reached on his cell phone, Airport Authority Chairman James Vazzana acknowledged the charges against Walsh and the fallout from them, but declined to comment.

“At this point in time I have no details, so obviously there is nothing I can say,” Vazzana said. “I haven’t seen (the county’s statement), and until I see it I have nothing to say.”

Asked specifically how the incident reflected on the Airport Authority, which has spent the year attempting to overcome a public relations nightmare brought on by news reports of its former executive director spending lavishly on alcohol, cigars and strippers, Vazzana said he had to step into a meeting and hung up.

 – Thieves have stolen dozens and dozens of sewer grates in Rochester. This was a huge problem in Syracuse, too. I just can’t figure out how someone walks away with a giant grate weighing 100 pounds and no one notices.

– The New York Times has a truly disturbing report on inappropriate drugging of developmentally disabled people in state care.

Richard Gere is coming to Rochester! (An Officer and a Gentleman is one of my favorite movies.)

– Save the Sticks! There is further proof standard vehicles rock.

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