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Want to know how a proposed housing development or office building fits into your neighborhood?

Bergmann Associates, under a contract with the City of Rochester, has been creating a 3D map of the city. So far, only downtown, Eastman Business Park and University of Rochester have been plotted in detail.

The program allows users to “fly” over the city or “drive” along the streets. The technology is similar to video games. I tried it out a couple weeks ago and found it easy to use and fun.

Ultimately, the city would like to make the map available online for public use. There are even mobile versions. For now, it’s a nifty tool for architects, engineers, city planners and potential developers. It’s also a great thing for TV reporters, who often show sketches of proposed projects. Now, we’ll be able to show life-like videos!

Bergmann put this video up on YouTube of a “fly over” of Rochester. (Thanks to Zack Seward and Rochester Subway for pointing out the video via Twitter.) Note the Midtown and CollegeTown developments.

One Response to “Fly” Over Rochester

  1. May 20, 2012 at 12:12 am Mittens responds:

    Any update on when, if ever, this is going to go public?

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