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Links of the Day:

An Ontario County WalMart worker has a second job as a Sith Lord-dressing speed dating organizer for science fiction conventions.

If you or your little ones are into model trains, check out the Edgerton Model Railroad room. The D&C’s Erica Bryant did a great write-up today. I did a story last year marking the 60th anniversary of the display. The city also has a website devoted to the model trains.

Earlier this year, I watched all five seasons of “The Wire” on my iPad. I paid about $20 a season and downloaded through iTunes. I believe that would have been unnecessary if Time Warner Cable had allowed subscribers to access to HBO GO. It’s HBO’s online streaming option for HBO subscribers. Good news, TWC inked a deal with HBO GO. I’m pretty excited.

The state of California is urging drivers to stop getting their oil changed so often. Really. Most cars don’t need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Who knew?

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