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Links of the Day:

Cable and satellite TV subscribers pay, on average, $100 a month for sports channels they may not even watch.

Truly awesome holiday photo shoot gone wrong courtesy of the official Kodak blog.

The Democrat & Chronicle’s amazing interactive photos of Rochester past and present has added a couple more installments.

“Rochester Made. You’re welcome.” A bit of hometown history and pride courtesy of people I only know on Twitter as @nicksergeant and @nickadamssays.

We all know the types. NPR breaks down the 20 unhappiest people you find in website comment sections.

Going to the mall this weekend? A guide to help you find the best parking space.

Tweet from 13WHAM:  Over half way through December and only 1.8″ of snow in Rochester. This would be the least snowiest December ever in Rochester.

One Response to “Rochester Made. You’re Welcome.”

  1. January 5, 2012 at 11:00 pm Lin who moved away in 91 responds:

    add the Ritter dentist chair.
    add Delco ignition systems
    add Ragu sauce
    many many more

    reference: Made In Rochester

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